HiFi Home

Est. 2002 by two baltimore friends

Backed by our own web hosting company with access to high speed bandwidth and good equipment (for the time), we provided the Best Quality Music we could for the connection the average listener could afford (56 kbps 22khz stereo).

We launched with our HiFi Alternative stream, added HiFi Punk in 2005 (at 192kbps 44khz stereo), then HiFi Ska soon after. Technical issues and real life priorities took us offline in 2013, but we came back in 2018.

We are now 8 stations strong with something for everyone. Just below are our two signature stations, packed with hosted shows spanning many different genres. Click on them to listen, read their stories, and see their schedules.

Below are other stations of ours which just stick to the music, and stay roughly on the same genre. Click on them to listen, and learn more about them.

Scavenger Hunt: Loading… is playing on one of our (or our friends’) stations right now. Go find it!
Logos by Rhett Butler. If you want to “FRESHEN” your LOOK, DM him or email rhett@retrorockradio.com