HiFi Dance

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Original name: HiFi Side 1

What We Played: A selection of the CDs we had, across genres

What happened: We only had 300 slots and had way more CDs than that

What we play now: Dance & Pop

Technical Specs:

----Mac Mini
----High Sierra
----Pioneer PD-F1007 301-CD "GIGA" Changer

If you like this station:

AquaAquarium19971Pop Dance
VariousSquigY0's Dance Party 32/3Pop Dance
Boomtang BoysGreatest Hits Vol. 119993Pop Dance
Boomtang Boys & Kim EstysCanadian Bonus4Pop Dance
VariousClub Cutz 1015Dance/Trance
VariousPlastic Compilation Volume 16Dance/Trance
VariousSquigY0's Dance Party 57Pop Dance
Paula AbdulGreatest Hits Straight Up!8Pop Dance
Gloria EstefanGreatest Hits9Pop Dance
VengaboysThe Party Album!199910Pop Dance
AquaAquarius200011Pop Dance
Toy-BoxFantastic / Toyride1999/200112Pop Dance
Real McCoyAnother Night199513
VariousSquigY0's Dance Party 414Pop Dance
VariousSquigY0's Dance Party 215Pop Dance
VariousTrance Nation 3 (CD 1)200016Dance/Trance
VariousTrance Nation 3 (CD 2)200017Dance/Trance
VariousTrance Nation (CD 1)199918Dance/Trance
VariousTrance Nation (CD 2)199919Dance/Trance
VariousTrance Nation 2 (CD 1)20Dance/Trance
VariousTrance Nation 2 (CD 2)`21Dance/Trance
VariousTrance Nation 4 (CD 1)200022Dance/Trance
VariousTrance Nation 4 (CD 2)200023Dance/Trance
VariousTrance Nation 5 (CD 1)200124Dance/Trance
VariousTrance Nation 5 (CD 2)200125Dance/Trance
AquaMeglomania201131Pop Dance
Bomfunk MCsBurnin' Sneakers200232Rap Dance
Scooter24 Carat Gold200233Happy Hardcore
DieselboySystem Upgrade200041Drum & Bass
PendulumIn Silico / Hold Your Colour2008/200542Drum & Bass
Fatboy SlimYou've Come A Long Way Baby199843Rap Dance
Prodigy, TheFat Of The Land / Smack My Bitch Up199744Electronic Metal
Crystal MethodVegas199745Techno
PendulumImmersion201051Drum & Bass/Metal
Knife PartyAbandon Ship201452Dubstep
KornThe Path Of Totality201154Dubstep Metal
VariousGame Soundtracks55Techno
Fatboy SlimBetter Living Through Chemistry199656Rap Dance
Prodigy, TheExperience... + Music For The Jilted Generation199557Electronic Metal
PendulumThe Reworks202058Drum & Bass/Dubstep
VariousThe Mash Up Mix (CD 1)65
VariousThe Mash Up Mix (CD 2)66
VariousMash Up Mix 90s (CD 1)67
VariousMash Up Mix 90s (CD 2)68
VariousPure Garage Old School (CD 1)69
VariousPure Garage Old School (CD 2)70
VariousPure Garage Old School (CD 3)71
VariousMash Up Mix 2009 (CD 1)72
VariousMash Up Mix 2009 (CD 2)73
VariousMash Up Mix Bass 2011 (CD 1)76
VariousMash Up Mix Bass 2011 (CD 2)77
VariousMash Up Mix Bass 2012 (CD 1)78
VariousMash Up Mix Bass 2012 (CD 2)79
VariousMash Up Mix Ibiza 2013 (CD 1)80
VariousMash Up Mix Ibiza 2013 (CD 2)81
Fatboy SlimThe Bouncy Hour (Live)85Rap Dance
Fatboy SlimThe Noisy Hour (Live)86Rap Dance
Boy GeorgeThe Annual (CD 1)87
Pete TongThe Annual (CD 2)88
Pete TongThe Annual II (CD 1)89
Boy GeorgeThe Annual II (CD 2)90
Pete TongThe Annual III (CD 1)91
Boy GeorgeThe Annual III (CD 2)92
Judge JulesThe Annual IV (CD 1)93
Boy GeorgeThe Annual IV (CD 2)94
Judge JulesThe Annual Millennium Edition (CD 1)95
Tall PaulThe Annual Millennium Edition (CD 2)96
Judge JulesThe Annual 2000 (CD 1)97
Tall PaulThe Annual 2000 (CD 2)98
Alice DeejayWho Needs Guitars Anyway?20099Techno
Shamen, TheEn-Tact1991100Dance
Shamen, TheBoss Drum1992101Dance
KLF, TheThe White Room1991102Dance
C&C Music FactorySuper Hits2000103Dance
VariousBack To The Old Skool Disc One2001104Dance
VariousBack To The Old Skool Disc Two2001105Dance
VariousBack To The Old Skool 2 Disc One2001106Dance
VariousBack To The Old Skool 2 Disc Two2001107Dance
VariousBack To The Old Skool Ibiza Disc One2002108Dance
VariousBack To The Old Skool Ibiza Disc Two2002109Dance
VariousHip Hop Twenty Four Seven CD12001110Dance/Hip-Hop
VariousHip Hop Twenty Four Seven CD22001111Dance/Hip-Hop
VariousHip Hop Twenty Four Seven CD32001112Dance/Hip-Hop
VariousDaisy Age, The2019113Hip-Hop
VariousJock Jams1995114Dance/Hip-Hop
Various Jock Jams Volume 21996115Dance/Hip-Hop
VariousJock Jams Volume 31997116Dance/Hip-Hop
VariousJock Jams Volume 41998117Dance/Hip-Hop
VariousJock Jams Volume 5118Dance/Hip Hop
Various35 Jock Jams Stadium Anthems 2014 (CD 1)119Dance/Hip Hop
Various35 Jock Jams Stadium Anthems 2014 (CD 2)120Dance/Hip Hop
VariousPure Dance 19981998121Dance
Various100% Pure Dance122Dance
DJ EscapeParty Time 2001 (Disc One)2000124Dance
DJ EscapeParty Time 2001 (Disc Two)2000125Dance
DJ EscapeParty Time 2002 (Disc One)2001126Dance
DJ EscapeParty Time 2002 (Disc Two)2001127Dance
VariousClubber's Guide To Ibiza 2002 (Disc 1)2002128Dance
VariousClubber's Guide to 2002 (Disc 2)2002129Dance
VariousThe Annual 2005 (CD One)2004130Dance
VariousThe Annual 2005 (CD Two)2004131Dance
VariousThe Annual 2006 (CD One)2005132Dance
VariousThe Annual 2006 (CD Two)2005133Dance
DJ IBS (Feat. Scooter)Ravin' To...134Dance
CirrusDrop The Break1997136Dance
CirrusBack On A Mission1998137Dance
Chemical Brothers, TheSingles 93 -03 Disc One2003139Dance
Chemical Brothers, TheSingles 93 - 03 Bonus Disc2003140Dance
ScooterGod Save The Rave2021141Happy Hardcore
Love Inc.Love Inc.1998144Canadian/Favorites
Love Inc.Into The Night2000145Canadian/Favorites
ProzzakHot Show1998146Canadian
SkyPiece Of Paradise1998147Canadian
SkyTraveling Infinity2000148Canadian
Atomic KittenRight Now2001150Pop
Atomic KittenFeels So Good2002151Pop
Mr. Hudson & The LibraryA Tale Of Two Cities2000152Favorites
BigKidsNever Grow Up2012153Favorites
Regency BuckIncoming2001154Favorites
Union Of KnivesViolence & Birdsong2006155Favorites
Union Of KnivesEPs2005 & 2006156Favorites
Union Of KnivesEndless From The Start2021156Favorites
Savage GardenSavage Garden1997157Favorites
Blue Man GroupThe Complex2003158Favorites
VariousPerfect Beat September 19981998161Dance
VariousPerfect Beat October 19981998162Dance
AlexaDECOHERENCE2020171K-Pop / Favorites
AlexaDo Or Die2020171K-Pop / Favorites
11 Acorn LaneHappy As Can Be2010172Electro-Swing / Favorites
11 Acorn LaneTime For Tea2015172Electro-Swing / Favorites
Roast BeatzFreshly Dipped Volumes 1-42019 - 2021174Ghetto Funk / Favorites
BTR&R (Disc One)176Techno
BTR&R (Disc Two)177Techno
DJ SkribbleSkribble's House179Hip Hop
Mint RoyaleOn The Ropes1999182Pop
Mint RoyaleDance Hall Places2002183Pop
Mint RoyaleSee You In The Morning2005184Pop
Fatboy Slim/Norman CookThe Fatboy Slim/Norman Cook Collection2000185Dance
VariousTrance Files CD File 12002202Dance
VariousTrance Files CD File 22002203Dance
VariousTrance Files CD File 32002204Dance
VariousTrance Files CD File 42002205Dance
VariousTrance Anthems 2 CD One2001206Dance
VariousTrance Anthems 2 CD Two2001207Dance
VariousHigher State Of Trance CD One Level 12001208Dance
VariousHigher State Of Trance CD Two Level 22001209Dance
VariousHigher State Of Trance CD Three Level 32001210Dance
VariousClub Anthems CD One2001211Dance
VariousClub Anthems CD Two2001212Dance
VariousBassdrive America's Finest Drum & Bass Vol. 12002213Dance
VariousBack To The Old Skool Drum N Bass Disc One2002214Dance
VariousBack To The Old Skool Drum N Bass Disc Two2002215Dance
VariousSeventy Dubstep Electronic Essentials CD12012216Dance
VariousSeventy Dubstep Electronic Essentials CD22012217Dance
VariousSeventy Dubstep Electronic Essentials CD32012218Dance
VariousSeventy Dubstep Electronic Essentials CD42012219Dance
VariousThe Annual(s) 2013 - Present220 - 249
Art Of TrancePlatipus Beginner's Guide: Disc One250Dance/Trance
VariousTunnel Trance Force Vol. 20 CD 1: Celebration2002252Dance/Trance
VariousTunnel Trance Force Vol. 20 CD 2: Ceremony2002253Dance/Trance
Ministry Of SoundHard Trance Anthems CD1: Hard2001254Dance/Trance
Ministry Of SoundHard Trance Anthems CD2: Harder2001255Dance/Trance
Ministry Of SoundHard Trance Anthems CD3: Hardest2001256Dance/Trance
Ministry Of SoundBig Messy Summer257Dance
Little Louie' VegaMinistry Of Sound: The Summer Sound System 2002 2002258Dance
VariousThe Annual 2002 (CD 1)259Dance
VariousThe Annual 2002 (CD 2)260Dance
VariousThe Annual 2002 (CD 3)261Dance
VariousMTV Party To Go Volume 31993271Pop Dance
VariousMTV Party To Go Volume 41993272Pop Dance
VariousClub Mix 95 V.21995273Pop Dance
VariousUltimate Dance Party1996274Pop Dance
VariousClass Acts Dance Mix1996275Pop Dance
VariousClub Mix '97 CD.11997276Pop Dance
VariousClub Mix 97 CD.21997277Pop Dance
VariousUltimate New Wave Party1997278Pop Dance
VariousMTV Party To Go 981997279Pop Dance
VariousUltimate Dance Party 20002000280Pop Dance
VariousExpress Turn It On! Clubmix Grooves 20002000281Pop Dance
VariousK-tel Party Of The Millennium CD 1 1998282Pop Dance
VariousK-tel Party Of The Millennium CD 2 1998283Pop Dance
Variousthis is... Ibiza Summer 2000 cd one2000284Pop Dance
Variousthis is... Ibiza Summer 2000 cd two2000285Pop Dance
VariousThe Clubber's Bible CD22000287Pop Dance
VariousSquigY0's Dance Party290-300Pop Dance