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Original name: HiFi Side 1

What We Played: A selection of the CDs we had, across genres

What happened: We only had 300 slots and had way more CDs than that

What we play now: Rock, Alternate, Punk, Ska, and special rotating selections

Technical Specs:

----Mac Mini
----High Sierra
----Pioneer PD-F1009 301-Disc CD-File Changer

If you like this station:

Tori AmosA Piano: The Collection (Disc A: Little Earthquakes extended)20061Ladies/Favorites
Tori AmosA Piano: The Collection (Disc B: Pink and Pele)20062Ladies/Favorites
Tori AmosA Piano: The Collection (Disc C: Pele, Venus, and Tales)20063Ladies/Favorites
Tori AmosA Piano: The Collection (Disc D: Scarlet, Beekeeper, and choirgirl)20064Ladies/Favorites
Tori AmosA Piano: The Collection (Disc E: Bonus B-Sides)20065Ladies/Favorites
Sarah McLachlanFumbling Towards Ecstasy19937Ladies/Favorites
Sarah McLachlanMirrorball19998Ladies/Favorites
Sarah McLachlanRarities, B-Sides, and Other Stuff10Ladies/Favorites
Our Lady PeaceNaveed199412Canadian/Favorites
Our Lady PeaceClumsy199713Canadian/Favorites
Our Lady PeaceHappiness...Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch199914Canadian/Favorites
Counting CrowsAugust And Everything After199317Favorites
Counting CrowsRecovering The Satellites199618Favorites
Counting CrowsAcross A Wire (VH1 Storytellers)199819Favorites
Counting CrowsThis Desert Life199920Favorites
Alice In ChainsDirt199222Alternative/Favorites
Alice In ChainsUnplugged199623Alternative/Favorites
Sarah McLachlanFreedom Sessions24
Alice In ChainsJar Of Flies24
Nine Inch NailsPretty Hate Machine25Electronic Metal/Favorites
Nine Inch NailsBroken25 + 26Electronic Metal/Favorites
Nine Inch NailsThe Downward Spiral199427Electronic Metal/Favorites
Nine Inch NailsFurther Down The Spiral199528Electronic Metal/Favorites
All SaintsAll Saints199731Ladies
All SaintsSaints & Sinners200032Ladies
Kim FoxReturn To Planet Earth200333Ladies
Jill SobuleJill Sobule199534Ladies
Tracy BonhamThe Burdens Of Being Upright199635Ladies
JemFinally Woken200436Ladies
Natalie ImbrugliaLeft Of The Middle199837Ladies
Butterfly BoucheFlutterby200338Ladies
Paula ColeThis Fire199639Ladies
Jennifer MarksMy Name's Not Red200040Ladies
Jennifer MarksIt Turned Me On200241Ladies
Jennifer MarksJennifer Marks200442Ladies
Greta GainesGreta Gaines43Ladies/Favorites/Mp3.com
Greta GainesIt Was Hot44Ladies/Favorites/Mp3.com
Greta GainesCan't Kill The Flavor45Ladies/Favorites/Mp3.com
Sheryl CrowTuesday Night Music Club47Ladies
Kidney ThievesZerospace49Ladies
Venus HumBig Beautiful Sky200250Ladies
T.A.T.U200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane200252Ladies
T.A.T.UDangerous & Moving200553Ladies
B*WitchedAwake And Breathe199955Ladies/Favorites
Mary PranksterRoulette Girl56Ladies/Baltimore
Mary PranksterTell Your Friends57Ladies/Baltimore
Mary PranksterLemonade Live58Ladies/Baltimore
ImbueFilth Parade62Baltimore
ImbueRitual In Bloom63Baltimore
Rebel Amish RadioWeekend At Jerry's199765Baltimore
Rebel Amish RadioEmbracing The Struggle200066Baltimore
Live Alien Broadcast...even further199867Baltimore
Live Alien BroadcastLong Way Down200068Baltimore
Live Alien BroadcastOrdinary200669Baltimore
Kelly Bell Band, ThePhat Blues Music199871Baltimore
Kelly Bell Band, The...ain't like it used to be!200072Baltimore
Kelly Bell Band, TheChasing The Sun200273Baltimore
Kelly Bell Band, TheLIVE from the Recher Theatre...FINALLY!200474Baltimore
Kelly Bell Band, TheReincarnated200775Baltimore
Kelly Bell Band, TheI'm Just Sayin'200876Baltimore
Kelly Bell Band, TheThat's What's Up!200877Baltimore
.click.rE:construK tion200181Baltimore
.click.Gently Unravling200282Baltimore
Great Mutant SkywheelA Glimpse At The Reflecting Pool + Make Me A Believer1999/200383Baltimore
51 PegStrange Appointments200084Baltimore
51 PegESC/CTRL200485Baltimore
51 PegA\Void201886Baltimore
Tubefreeks, TheBest Of The 90s91Baltimore
Tubefreeks, TheComplex Disorders92Baltimore
Tubefreeks, TheThe Dry Tide93Baltimore
Tubefreeks, TheUnhinged202294Baltimore
Signal 13Destination Unknown95Baltimore
NirvanaWith The Lights Out (Disc One)200499Alternative
NirvanaWith The Lights Out (Disc Two)2004100Alternative
NirvanaWith The Lights Out (Disc Three)2004101Alternative
Pearl JamTen Redux1991/2009102Alternative
VariousSub-Pop Records 20th Anniversary103Alternative
Red Hot Chili PeppersBlood Sugar Sex Magik1991104Alternative
Linkin ParkHybrid Theory2000105Electronic Metal
Linkin ParkReanimation2002106Electronic Metal
JayZ & Linkin ParkCollision Course2004107Rap Metal
Linkin ParkMeteora2003107Electronic Metal
MC LarsThe Graduate + Laptop EP + 21 Concepts (But A Hit Ain't One)2006/2004/2007108Nerd Rap
Limp BizkitSignificant Other1999109Rap Metal
Bush6teen Stone1994110Alternative
Blind MelonBlind Melon1992112Favorites/Alternative
IncubusMake Yourself115Alternative
God Lives UnderwaterEmpty + EP1995119Electronic Metal
God Lives UnderwaterUp Off The Floor2004120Electronic Metal
Pitchshifterwww.pitchshifter.com + Deviant1998/2000121Electronic Metal
Gravity KillsGravity Kills122Electronic Metal
Stabbing WestwardWither Blister Burn & Peel1996123Electronic Metal
OverseerWreckage2003124Electronic Metal
Collective SoulHints Allegations & Things Left Unsaid1993128Favorites
SilverchairNeon Ballroom / Greatest Hits Selections1999130Favorites
CrackerKerosene Hat1993131Favorites
BeckMellow Gold1994132Favorites
CakeFashion Nugget1996133Favorites
CakeProlonging The Magic / Other selections1998134Favorites
Spin DoctorsPocket Full Of Kryptonite1991135Favorites
Spin DoctorsTurn It Upside Down1994136Favorites
Ben Folds FiveWhatever And Ever Amen1997137Favorites
Tea Party, TheTransmission1997142Canadian
EdwinAnother Spin Around The Sun1999144Canadian
Crash Test DummiesGod Shuffled His Feet1993146Favorites/Canada/Alternative
Green DayDookie1994152Favorites / Punk
Green DayInsomniac1995153Punk
Offspring, TheSmash1994154Favorites / Punk
Offspring, TheAmericana / Other selections1998155Favorites / Punk
PennywiseLand Of The Free?2001156Favorites / Punk
SublimeSublime / 40 oz To Freedom selections1996 / 1992157Favorites / Ska
SublimeSecond-hand Smoke1996158Favorites/Ska
Reel Big FishTurn The Radio Off1996160Alternative / Ska
Jump Up RecordsWe Do The Ska162Ska
Jump Up RecordsWe Do The Ska Too163Ska
Jump Up RecordsWe Do The Ska 3164Ska
Jump Up RecordsDrink More Ska165Ska
DJ Chuck WrenSka American Style 80s Edition2021166Ska
The DrasticsMJ A Rocker167Ska/Dub
C.B.Punk In Dub168Dub
VariousEverything Off-Beat: A Radio Benefit CD Of Chicagoland Ska169Ska
Spy KidsCovert Action170Ska
Step Daughters, TheThe Right Sound171Ska
Half Past TwoHalf Past Two172Ska
Jump Up RecordsToo Hectic! California Ska Punk173Ska
Jump Up RecordsPressure Hop!174Ska
Jump Up Records2Tone175Ska, Rocksteady, Calypso, Reggae
Studio 1Studio First, From The Vaults Vol. 2177Reggae
Ballyhoo!Pineapple Grenade2013180Baltimore / Ska
Bumpin UgliesSublime With No One2015182Baltimore / Ska
Bumpin UgliesBeast From The East2018182Baltimore/ Ska
Bumpin UgliesBuzz2019183Baltimore / Ska
Bumpin UgliesKeep Your Suitcase Packed2020183Baltimore / Ska
SerenationIsland Thinkin'2015184Florida / Ska
SerenationLivin' The Dream2018184Florida / Ska
Matt PlessTumbleweed2015185Baltimore / Punk
Matt PlessCheap Shots On The Rocks186Baltimore / Punk
Woody LisseurA Guest In The House Of The Wind2016188Baltimore / Folk
Woody LisseurAn Old Coat and a Fishing Boat2022189Baltimore / Folk
Jimmie's Chicken ShackPushing The Salmonilla Envelope1997191Baltimore / Favorites
JarflysAnonymous2002192Baltimore / Favorites
Mend The HollowMend The Hollw2016193Baltimore / Favorites
Jimmie's Chicken Shack2econds2022194Baltimore / Favorites
L.A. MooreLate Bloomer2021198Florida
Tool ShedLocal Liquid Folk Art2017199Baltimore
VariousThe Classic Sixties Collection (‘60s Flashback)201
VariousThe Classic Sixties Collection (1964)202
VariousThe Classic Sixties Collection (Mid ‘60s)203
VariousThe Classic Sixties Collection (1965)204
VariousThe Classic Sixties Collection (1966)205
VariousThe Classic Sixties Collection (1967)206
VariousThe Classic Sixties Collection (1968)207
VariousThe Classic Sixties Collection (Late ‘60s)208
VariousThe Classic Sixties Collection (1969-1970)209
VariousThe Classic Sixties Collection (‘60s Love Songs)210
Time LifeSingers & Songwriters Classics211
Time LifeTroubadors (Disc One)212
Time LifeTroubadors (Disc Two)213
VariousThe Motown Box (CD 1: Baby I Need Your Loving)2005215Oldes
VariousThe Motown Box (CD 2: Dancing In The Streets)2005216Oldies
VariousThe Motown Box (CD 3: Reflections)2005217Oldies
VariousThe Motown Box (CD 4: B-Sides And Rare Stuff)2005218Oldies
VariousSoulsville U.S.A.: A Celebration Of Stax (CD 1)2017219Oldies
VariousSoulsville U.S.A.: A Celebration Of Stax (CD 2)2017220Oldies
VariousSoulsville U.S.A.: A Celebration Of Stax (CD 3)2017221Oldies
VariousSam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock n’ Roll (Disc One)222Oldies
VariousSam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock n’ Roll (Disc Two)223Oldies
The ChicksThe Sound Of The Chicks224Oldies
Various ArtistsSwappable Rotation225-244N/A
Meat LoafBat Out Of Hell1977/1984245Favorites
Meat LoafBat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell1993246Favorites
AerosmithGet A Grip1993247Favorites
AerosmithNine Lives1997248Favorites
Def LeppardRetro Active1992/1993249Favorites
Bon JoviCross Road1994250Favorites
Kenny Wayne Shepherd BandTrouble Is1997251Favorites
VariousEcomium: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin252
Days Of The NewDays Of The New1997253Favorites
FonoGoesaroundcomesaround1999254Favorites / mp3.com
FinchWhat It Is To Burn2002255Hard Rock
GlassjawWorship And Tribute2002256Hard Rock
ReveilleBleed The Sky2001257Hard Rock
PanteraRe-Inventing The Steel258Metal
MetallicaRide The Lightning1984259Metal
Killswitch EngageAlive Or Just Breathing2002261Metal
Killswitch EngageThe End Of Heartache2004262Metal
SalivaEvery Six Seconds2001263Metal/Hard Rock
InjectedBurn It Black2002264Metal/Hard Rock
JerkWhen Pure Is Defiled265Metal/Hard Rock
OctaneRise Up2006266Metal/Hard Rock
From ZeroOne Nation Under2001267Metal/Hard Rock
SystematicSomewhere In Between2001269Rap Metal
(hed) Planet EarthBroke270Metal/Hard Rock
FlawThrough The Eyes2001272Metal/Hard Rock
EndoEvolve2001273Metal/Hard Rock
FlybangerHeadtrip To Nowhere2001274Metal/Hard Rock
ToolUndertow1993275Metal/Hard Rock
ToolAEnima1996276Metal/Hard Rock
VariousWoodstock 94 (Disc 1)1994277Live
VariousWoodstock 94 (Disc 2)1994278Live
Elton JohnGoodbye Yellow Brick Road (Disc One)279Favorites
Elton JohnGoodbye Yellow Brick Road (Disc Two)280Favorites
Loreena McKennittNights From The Alhambra CD One281Chill/Ladies
Loreena McKennittNights From The Alhambra CD Two282Chill/Ladies
Loreena McKennitThe Road Back Home2024283Chill/Ladies

Search current to see what's currently in our swappable spots (225-244)
Tori AmosBoys For Pele Bonus Disc226Normal
Tori AmosAmerican Doll Posse2007227Normal
Tori AmosAbnormally Attracted To Sin2009228Normal
Tori AmosNight Of Hunters2011229Normal
Vitamin Sting QuartetPrecious Things2001232Normal
E-Clypse (Feat. Jemma Price)The Pretty Good Years1999233Normal
Counting CrowsHard Candy2002235Normal
Counting CrowsSaturday Nights & Sunday Mornings2008236Normal
Counting CrowsUnderwater Sunshine (Or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation)2012237Normal
Des ArkDon't Rock The Boat... / Everything Dies2011 / 2015225Indie
Casket Girls, TheSleepwalking2012226Indie
Hundred HandsHer Accent Was Excellent2005227Indie
Long Forgotten Friend, TheDreamend2008230Indie
Black Moth Super RainbowEating Us2009231Indie
Lava Children, TheLava Children2009232Indie
Loose Salute, TheBeing Over Being Under2011233Indie
Xiu XiuNina2013234Indie
Appleseed CastIllumination Ritual2013235Indie
Loose Salute, TheTuned To Love2007236Indie
Kid DakotaListen to the crows as they take flight2011237Indie
Monster MovieEveryone is a Ghost2010238Indie
ManafestStones Reloaded2018240Indie
Basially Nancys/t2022241Indie
Precocious NeophyteHome in the Desert2022242Indie
VariousPop American Style (Disc One)1996243Indie
VariousPop American Style (Disc Two)1996244Indie
Paul WilliamsEmmet Otter's Juge Band Christmas1977225XMAS
Herb Alpbert and the Tijuana BrassChristmas Album1968226XMAS
Five Days InHoliday EPs2019-2021227XMAS
Dollyrots, TheA Very Dollyrots Christmas2014228XMAS
VariousMerry Luxmas: t’s Christmas In Crampsville!2019229XMAS
Fab FourHark!2008231XMAS
VariousXMAS Country Special 20212021232XMAS
VariousXMAS Special 20202020233XMAS
VariousXMAS Special 20192019234XMAS
VariousXMAS Special 20182018235XMAS
VariousXMAS Special 20172017236XMAS
Attila FiasChristmas Spa2006237XMAS
Chris PhillipsNorth Pole Lounge: A Christmas Chillout Collection2013238XMAS
Crystal TheoryChristmas Chillout2004239XMAS
Michael CloseSantas On Parade: A New Age Holiday1996240XMAS
Norah JonesVisions2024225Current/Chill
Norah JonesCOMING SOON226Current/Chill
Norah JonesThe Fall2009227Current/Chill
Norah JonesFeels Like Home2007228
Norah JonesCome Away With Me2002229Current/Chill
Toad The Wet SprocketDulcinea1994230Current/Chill
Fruit BatsMouthfuls2003233Current/Chill
Ray CharlesGenius Loves Company2004234Current/Chill
AirPocket Symphony2007235Current/Chill
Various ArtistsUltra. Chilled 02.1236Current/Chill
Various ArtistsUltra. Chilled 02.2237Current/Chill
Various Artists@home @sunset238Current/Chill
Various ArtistsThe Chillout Session Ibiza 2002 Disc One2002239Current/Chill
Various ArtistsThe Chillout Session Ibiza 2002 Disc Two2002240Current/Chill
Four80EastRound 32002241Current/Chill
Porcupine TreeVoyage 34242Current/Chill
1 Giant Leap1 Giant Leap2001243Current/Chill