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July 5, 2020

Sean Savage - Amplified Radio (replay)
Colin Hanslip - Dance Classics (replay)
Marcus Sullivan - Blessed Beatz
Christian Music Rewind
Kyttaen - Anime Matinee (Select Weeks)
Colin Hanslip - The Chill Factor
SgtSarros - Around The World In 80 Minutes (Select Weeks)
The Beatles & Friends

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Yesterday's Replays (cont'd)
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Yesterday's Replays (cont'd)
After School Special
Yesterday's Replays
Yesterday's Replays (cont'd)
Kyttaen's Den
kilo (Select Weeks)

The Den schedule is in Kiwi time and could be interrupted at any moment

HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
It's another random Psychobabble Rap Crazy Countdown from Madbrad Du Toit starting now on HiFi Select, followed by Rockfest Radio at 7pm Eastern.

It's DJ Rossstar's birthday week so we celebrate by playing two episodes from the archives that we've never played before starting at 8pm Eastern on HiFi Select. To appear from October 2010 are For The Foxes, Harp And Lyre, Ryan Ross from Panic! At The Disco 🎩! At The Disco, The Ghost Inside, and Vinnie Langdon III.

You can give DJ Rossstar a birthday gift, thank him for all he's done, and encourage him to send us some newer interviews he's done by sending a PayPal donation to
HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
Vincent The Soul Chef's FuFu Radio turns 100...episodes that is! And HiFi Vinyl on HiFi Select is along for the celebration!

We're not quite there yet though, so tonight at 6pm Eastern, tune in to HiFi Select for his 98th episode followed by an encore presentation of last week's special XTC set (which yes, we totally forgot to promo!!
HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
Do you love MissMorticia on Friends4Life Radio? Have you missed hearing MissMorticia on Friends4Life Radio? Do you have no idea who MissMorticia or Friends4Life Radio is?

Tune in right now to HiFi Mix for Friends4Life Radio replays, featuring MissMorticia's show from June 9th!
HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio has your audio BBQ this Memorial Day weekend, featuring 3 brand new shows!

Fridays@2pm Eastern on HiFi Pop: Artsy Fartsy Fridays. Music from stages, screens (both big and small), games, internet sites, and podcasts.

Fridays@4pm Eastern on HiFi Select: HiFi Has You Covered. The songs you know by other artists.

Saturdays@2pm Eastern on HiFi Pop: The Beatles & Friends. The Beatles (together and separately), covers of Beatles songs, the British Invasion and other collaborations.

Plus this Saturday@12am Eastern on HiFi Select, we play the one classic Memorial Day replay that we can find (from Raymond Mahnke) then listen to some red hot smokin' blues courtesy of Jess Uribe's old show Dive Into The Blues.
HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
As we finish the final technical details for the relaunch of HiFi Punk, we have some programming questions for you. Please take our survey!