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October 17, 2021

All day: Syndication Sundays

October 18, 2021

6:00 am: HiFi Live

9:30 am: HiFi History

October 19, 2021

6:00 am: ***Talkin' Tuesdays

6:00 am: Michael Barton - Fowl Players Radio

7:00 am: Jonathan Schacter - Sadly Lacking Radio

8:00 am: Sherwin Sleeves - Atoms, Motions, and the Void

8:30 am: Bob Dylan - Theme Time Radio

October 20, 2021

6:00 am: Wicked Wednesdays

October 21, 2021

6:00 am: ***Thursdays Rock

6:00 am: Mad Brad - The Rock N' Roll Psycho Circus

6:00 pm: Mad Brad - Psychobabble Rap Crazy Countdown

7:00 pm: The Rockdown Show

8:00 pm: DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show (Select Weeks)

9:00 pm: Rossstar's Playlist

October 22, 2021

6:00 am: HiFi Live

9:30 am: Friends4Life Replays

6:00 pm: ***HiFi Vinyl

6:00 pm: Vincent The Soul Chef - FuFu Radio

11:00 pm: Larry Grogan - Funky 16 Corners Radio

October 23, 2021

All day: Echo, Squig & Friends

Schedule in Eastern time and subject to change

HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
On our friends RIGHT NOW!
HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
See the Fowl Players Radio IN PERSON this weekend!!

And listen to an interview with pop and jazz singer and trombone soloist Aubrey Logan this Tuesday at 6am Eastern on HiFi Signature. We'll also play some tracks featuring Aubrey at the end of the interview.
HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
Dan used to run Energy 87.9 in Burnsville, MN (you'll hear him often mentioned on classic SquigY0 Radio Show episodes and he occasionally appeared). Show him a little love won't you?
HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
LIVE now on many stations at
HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
You know what's scary? We've got all new episodes of FuFu Radio with Vincent Ebb the Soul Chef through all of October, and probably even more. Tune in tonight and every Friday night at 6pm Eastern to kick off HiFi Vinyl on HiFi Signature.

Perhaps scarier is that HiFi Holidays is back up, featuring Halloween, frightening (both by concept and words), and scary soundtrack tunes, also through the whole month.
HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Signature is celebrating Labor Day month HARD (and late due to technical issues).

Right now on HiFi History, it's a flashback to PARTY FM's Launch Party Weekend 2006. Next Monday at 9:30am Eastern, it's PARTY FM's 10th anniversary 2016. And for the final Monday of the month, it's Rockin Radio: The Wall of Sound 7th and 10th anniversary celebrations (2016 and 2019 respectively)

We also welcome a new player to Talking Tuesdays starting at around 7am Eastern. It's Fowl Players Radio, who are presenting some of their best/favorite interviews from the past couple of years. Information on the interview you'll hear tomorrow is at

And certainly nowhere near last, Vincent Ebb continues to provide us with new episodes of FuFu Radio, heard at the beginning of HiFi Vinyl, Fridays at 6pm Eastern