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HiFi Side 1: CDs, records, and specials

HiFi Side 2: Records, tapes, and specials

Week of Oct 18th
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October 18, 2020

7:00 am: Marcus Sullivan - Blessed Beatz

9:00 am: Christian Music Rewind

9:00 am: Kyttaen - Anime Matinee (Select Weeks)

11:00 am: Colin Hanslip - The Chill Factor

12:00 pm: SgtSarros - Around The World In 80 Minutes (Select Weeks)

2:00 pm: Woowee!!!

October 19, 2020

6:00 am: HiFi Live

6:00 am: Jason Scott - The Big Breakfast

2:00 pm: SgtSarros - Monday Madness

October 20, 2020

6:00 am: ***Talkin' Tuesdays

6:00 am: Jason Scott - The Big Breakfast

6:00 am: Jonathan Schacter - Sadly Lacking Radio

7:00 am: Sherwin Sleeves - Atoms, Motions, and the Void

7:30 am: Bob Dylan - Theme Time Radio

2:00 pm: Jason Scott - The Ultimate UK Chart

4:00 pm: SgtSarros - Retro Depot

8:00 pm: Whick - The Kender's Pouch (Select Weeks)

October 21, 2020

6:00 am: Jason Scott - The Big Breakfast

6:00 am: Wicked Wednesdays

2:00 pm: Women Wednesdays

3:00 pm: Xarat's Dungeon

8:00 pm: The SquigY0 Radio Show (select weeks)

October 22, 2020

All day: ***Thursdays Rock

6:00 am: Jason Scott - The Big Breakfast

6:00 am: Mad Brad - The Rock N' Roll Psycho Circus

6:00 am: The SquigY0 Radio Show (replay)

9:00 am: Friends4Life Replays

10:00 am: The SquigY0 Radio Show (replay)

12:00 pm: Dominic Forbes - Brit Rock

2:00 pm: Dominic Forbes - Time Sweep

2:00 pm: SquigY0 Plays Whatever The F*** He Wants And There's Nothing You Can Do About It

4:00 pm: SgtSarros - The After School Special

6:00 pm: Mad Brad - Psychobabble Rap Crazy Countdown

7:00 pm: Rockfest Radio

8:00 pm: DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show (Select Weeks)

9:00 pm: Rossstar's Playlist

October 23, 2020

6:00 am: HiFi Live

6:00 am: Jason Scott - The Big Breakfast

2:00 pm: Artsy Fartsy Fridays

3:00 pm: Kyttaen's Den

4:00 pm: HiFi Has You Covered

6:00 pm: ***HiFi Vinyl

6:00 pm: Vincent The Soul Chef - FuFu Radio

8:00 pm: Jason Scott - The Ultimate UK Chart (replay)

11:00 pm: Larry Grogan - Funky 16 Corners Radio

October 24, 2020

9:00 am: SgtSarros - Saturday Morning Cartoons

2:00 pm: The Beatles & Friends

7:00 pm: Movement Radio

8:00 pm: Sean Savage - Amplified Radio

10:00 pm: Colin Hanslip - Dance Classics

Schedule in Eastern time and subject to change

Saturday Morning Cartoons
SquigY0 & Friends
kilo (Select Weeks)
Anime Matinee (Select Weeks)
Around The World In 80 Minutes (Select Weeks)
Weekend Replays
Weekend Replays (cont'd)
Monday Madness
HiFi History
Yesterday's Replays
Yesterday's Replays (cont'd)
Retro Depot
Kender's Pouch (Select Weeks)
Yesterday's Replays
Yesterday's Replays (cont'd)
Xarat's Dungeon
SquigY0 Radio Show (Select Weeks)
Yesterday's Replays
Yesterday's Replays (cont'd)
After School Special
Yesterday's Replays
Yesterday's Replays (cont'd)
Kyttaen's Den
kilo (Select Weeks)

The Den schedule is in Kiwi time and could be interrupted at any moment

HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
Now playing on HiFi Select, and every Monday and Friday at 6am Eastern, HiFi Live!

It's 3 hours of live recordings, including unplugged and acoustic versions. Then at 9am, we highlight a live performance that WE recorded.

On this episode and the next two, we premiere recordings from last year that we only just got around to editing now. Today, enjoy MegB

HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
**We need your help to help Gwen raise $5k for her surgery and post-op care!**

At only 2 months old, tiny Gwen was surrendered to a local shelter due to a broken left front leg. FARM gladly took her into care to give her the best shot at a healthy life, and provide the medical care she would need before finding her new home.

Sadly, the break had already "healed" incorrectly, freezing her joint and preventing her little leg from straightening. This caused Gwen to walk hunched over, which would lead to long-term pain and severe deformity, so the difficult decision was made amputate. Upon inspection by two orthopedic specialists, our partner vet and the shelter vet, it was determined that amputation would provide the best shot at a high quality of life moving forward, and the surgery was completed last week.

But her story doesn't end there - shockingly.

Now at just 13 weeks old, it has been determined that her right front leg also has a "healed" break, one that was not obvious, but is now in need of repair considering the additional pressure that will be placed on that leg with her recent amputation. Gwen will require an expensive orthopedic surgery to repair this leg and give her a true "leg up" to begin her life anew.

If you think that all of this trauma at such a young age has traumatized this 4 pound fighter - think again. Within 24 hours of her amputation, she was already playing, happily hopping about, trying to chase her squeaky toys and chew on her bones. If she can do all that with just three legs - one of which needs repair - just think what she'll be able to do when that leg is back in action!

We need your help to cover the costs of Gwen's surgery to repair her front leg. We need your help, to help Gwen have her shot at a healthy, happy puppyhood. Please share this fundraiser, and donate if you are able.

(Gwen’s surgery is scheduled for September 11)

FARM relies heavily on your generous tax-deductible donations. Below are the ways in which you can help FARM with increasing medical and health costs for animals that might otherwise be euthanized.

You can also go to PayPal to donate. Our account is fallstonrescue@aol.com and just indicate the donation is for Gwen.

HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
While you're getting ready to rock with the Rock N Roll Psycho Circus this morning on HiFi Select courtesy of Madbrad Du Toit (he recorded us a terrifying and awesome promo for his show that will be in rotation very soon) and continuing to rock all day with Thursdays Rock, you should also be preparing to dance!

This Friday at 8pm Eastern, we launch our new 24/7 station HiFi Dance with nonstop dance, trance, drum & bass, dubstep, with a little industrial thrown in for good measure. We'll report back in this thread when the stream link has been added to our website, and also have information on other premiers, launches, and programming this weekend!
HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Punk is relaunching this Saturday 5th September at 2pm Eastern / 8pm CET! We'll be live, taking your dedications and requests.

You can reach out to us now on the web at http://hifiradio.net/feedback or voicemail at +1-330-577-8445 to get to the front of the queue.

Listen to you Saturday!!
HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
The season finale of SquigY0's podcast, centering around live performances from the six artists he admires most, is now up! This doesn't mean there won't be anymore episodes this year, just that they won't be "regular."

Search squigy0 in your favorite podcast app, or go to http://hifiradio.net, click Podcasts at the top, and look for his pretty red microphone.
HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
He calls it the blackest vinyl show there is (or something like that). For the next two weeks, enjoy (or be scared of) select episodes of Vincent Ebb (of FuFu Radio fame) DEVIANTS FROM THE NORM, kicking off HiFi Vinyl on HiFi Select at 6pm Eastern.