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Simulcast of Hifi Mix plus break-ins by lily and kilo
Punk, ska, rockabilly

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HiFi Side 1: CDs, records, and specials

HiFi Side 2: Records, tapes, and specials

Week of Nov 22nd
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
November 22, 2020

12:15 am: Sean Savage - Amplified Radio (replay)

7:00 am: Marcus Sullivan - Blessed Beatz

9:00 am: Christian Music Rewind

9:00 am: Kyttaen - Anime Matinee (Select Weeks)

11:00 am: Colin Hanslip - The Chill Factor

12:00 pm: SgtSarros - Around The World In 80 Minutes (Select Weeks)

2:00 pm: Woowee!!!

November 23, 2020

6:00 am: HiFi Live

6:00 am: Jason Scott - The Big Breakfast

2:00 pm: SgtSarros - Monday Madness

November 24, 2020

6:00 am: ***Talkin' Tuesdays

6:00 am: Jason Scott - The Big Breakfast

6:00 am: Jonathan Schacter - Sadly Lacking Radio

7:00 am: Sherwin Sleeves - Atoms, Motions, and the Void

7:30 am: Bob Dylan - Theme Time Radio

2:00 pm: Jason Scott - The Ultimate UK Chart

4:00 pm: SgtSarros - Retro Depot

8:00 pm: Whick - The Kender's Pouch (Select Weeks)

November 25, 2020

6:00 am: Jason Scott - The Big Breakfast

6:00 am: Wicked Wednesdays

2:00 pm: Women Wednesdays

3:00 pm: Xarat's Dungeon

8:00 pm: The SquigY0 Radio Show (select weeks)

November 26, 2020

All day: ***Thursdays Rock

6:00 am: Jason Scott - The Big Breakfast

6:00 am: Mad Brad - The Rock N' Roll Psycho Circus

9:00 am: Friends4Life Replays

12:00 pm: Dominic Forbes - Brit Rock

2:00 pm: Dominic Forbes - Time Sweep

2:00 pm: SquigY0 Plays Whatever The F*** He Wants And There's Nothing You Can Do About It

4:00 pm: SgtSarros - The After School Special

6:00 pm: Mad Brad - Psychobabble Rap Crazy Countdown

7:00 pm: The Rockdown Show

8:00 pm: DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show (Select Weeks)

9:00 pm: Rossstar's Playlist

November 27, 2020

6:00 am: HiFi Live

6:00 am: Jason Scott - The Big Breakfast

2:00 pm: Artsy Fartsy Fridays

3:00 pm: Kyttaen's Den

4:00 pm: HiFi Has You Covered

6:00 pm: ***HiFi Vinyl

6:00 pm: Vincent The Soul Chef - FuFu Radio

8:00 pm: Jason Scott - The Ultimate UK Chart (replay)

11:00 pm: Larry Grogan - Funky 16 Corners Radio

November 28, 2020

9:00 am: SgtSarros - Saturday Morning Cartoons

2:00 pm: The Beatles & Friends

7:00 pm: Movement Radio

8:00 pm: Sean Savage - Amplified Radio

10:00 pm: Colin Hanslip - Dance Classics

Schedule in Eastern time and subject to change

Saturday Morning Cartoons
SquigY0 & Friends
kilo (Select Weeks)
Anime Matinee (Select Weeks)
Around The World In 80 Minutes (Select Weeks)
Weekend Replays
Weekend Replays (cont'd)
Monday Madness
HiFi History
Yesterday's Replays
Yesterday's Replays (cont'd)
Retro Depot
Kender's Pouch (Select Weeks)
Yesterday's Replays
Yesterday's Replays (cont'd)
Xarat's Dungeon
SquigY0 Radio Show (Select Weeks)
Yesterday's Replays
Yesterday's Replays (cont'd)
After School Special
Yesterday's Replays
Yesterday's Replays (cont'd)
Kyttaen's Den
kilo (Select Weeks)

The Den schedule is in Kiwi time and could be interrupted at any moment

HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
It's just a week until Thanksgiving. And HiFi Radio has plenty for you to NOM on!!

HiFi Side 1 and HiFi Dance are fired back up starting with disc 200.

HiFi Side 2 is playing road trip rock & jams.

SquigY0's Thanksgiving episode is out on his podcast feed tomorrow afternoon.

And more on the way...

HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
We had some power failures in the studio last night, so The Rock N Roll Psycho Circus with Madbrad Du Toit did not start when expected on HiFi Select. So tune in RIGHT NOW for the show. Here's what you can expect to hear on it:


Tonight at 7pm Eastern on HiFi Select, Rockfest Radio is gone, but The Rockdown Show takes its place, with a more countdown-centric and artist profile-esque format. Check it out!

Tomorrow night at 6pm Eastern on HiFi Select, unbeknownst to us, FuFu Radio episode 111 was a two parter, and we only played one thinking that we just had duplicate files. So tune in at the start of HiFi Vinyl for both parts back to back

HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
This is what we're listening to tonight! Happy Halloween you bloodsuckers!
HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio has plenty of things for you to safely enjoy for the holiday!

Starting today at 12:30pm Eastern on HiFi Side 1, we've arranged some existing CDs and new additions to provide you with eerie blocks of sounds and music (currently that station is eerily silent).

A special extended edition of Artsy Fartsy Fridays starts at 2pm Eastern on HiFi Pop. We've grabbed some of the music from the current show rotation plus some bonus material to possibly be added to rotation later, and have prepared 3 hours of ghoulish tunes for you.

Echo & SquigY0 Saturdays will be returning soon to the HiFi Select stream (horrifying we know), but starting at Midnight Eastern tonight on that station, enjoy 24 hours of classic Halloween era shows including some episodes from shows we usually feature on other days of the week.

http://hifiradio.net HAPPY HALLOWEEN YA GHOULS!
HiFi Radio and friends
HiFi Radio and friends

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