Starting in 1991 using BMG Music Service, Squig started replacing some of his cassettes with CD versions, and also getting some newer music he’d never had before. In 1999, when moving into an apartment with 2 roommates for the first time, they went thirds on the purchase of a 301 disc CD changer and each got 100 slots to put in whatever they wanted.

When the band broke up just 8 months later, Squig bought the other 2/3rds of the CD changer since he was the only one to really use it, and it’s still loaded up in his studio to this day with CDs.

Here’s the current inventory:

Tori AmosA Piano: The Collection (Disc A: Little Earthquakes extended)20061Ladies/Favorites
Tori AmosA Piano: The Collection (Disc B: Pink and Pele)20062Ladies/Favorites
Tori AmosA Piano: The Collection (Disc C: Pele, Venus, and Tales)20063Ladies/Favorites
Tori AmosA Piano: The Collection (Disc D: Scarlet, Beekeeper, and choirgirl)20064Ladies/Favorites
Tori AmosA Piano: The Collection (Disc E: Bonus B-Sides)20065Ladies/Favorites
Tori AmosBoys For Pele Bonus Disc6Ladies/Favorites
Tori AmosAmerican Doll Posse20077 (removed due to skips)Ladies/Favorites
Tori AmosAbnormally Attracted To Sin20098Ladies/Favorites
Tori AmosNight Of Hunters20119Ladies/Favorites
Vitamin Sting QuartetPrecious Things200110Favorites
E-Clypse (Feat. Jemma Price)The Pretty Good Years199911Ladies/Favorites
Sarah McLachlanFumbling Towards Ecstasy199312Ladies/Favorites
Sarah McLachlanMirrorball199913Ladies/Favorites
Sarah McLachlanRare Sarah14Ladies/Favorites
Sarah McLachlanRarities, B-Sides, and Other Stuff15Ladies/Favorites
All SaintsAll Saints199716Ladies
Kim FoxReturn To Planet Earth200317Ladies
Jill SobuleJill Sobule199518Ladies
Tracy BonhamThe Burdens Of Being Upright199619Ladies
JemFinally Woken200420Ladies
Natalie ImbrugliaLeft Of The Middle199821Ladies
Butterfly BoucheFlutterby200322Ladies
Paula ColeThis Fire199623Ladies
Jennifer Marks?24Ladies
Jennifer MarksMy Name's Not Red200025Ladies
Jennifer MarksIt Turned Me On200226Ladies
Greta GainesGreta Gaines27Ladies/Favorites/
Greta GainesIt Was Hot28Ladies/Favorites/
Greta GainesCan't Kill The Flavor29Ladies/Favorites/
Sheryl CrowTuesday Night Music Club30Ladies
Kidney ThievesZerospace32Ladies
Venus HumBig Beautiful Sky200233Ladies
T.A.T.U200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane200234Ladies
Mary PranksterRoulette Girl35Ladies/Baltimore
Mary PranksterTell Your Friends36Ladies/Baltimore
Mary PranksterLemonade Live37Ladies/Baltimore
ImbueFilth Parade39Baltimore
ImbueRitual In Bloom40Baltimore
Rebel Amish RadioWeekend At Jerry's199742Baltimore
Rebel Amish RadioEmbracing The Struggle200043Baltimore
Live Alien Broadcast...even further199844Baltimore
Live Alien BroadcastLong Way Down200045Baltimore
Kelly Bell Band, ThePhat Blues Music199846Baltimore
Kelly Bell Band, TheChasing The Sun200248Baltimore
Kelly Bell Band, The...ain't like it used to be!200047Baltimore
Kelly Bell Band, TheLIVE from the Recher Theatre...FINALLY!200449Baltimore
Kelly Bell Band, TheReincarnated200750Baltimore
Kelly Bell Band, TheI'm Just Sayin'200851Baltimore
Kelly Bell Band, TheThat's What's Up!200852Baltimore
.click.rE:construK tion200153Baltimore
.click.Gently Unravling200254Baltimore
Great Mutant SkywheelA Glimpse At The Reflecting Pool199955 (removed due to skips)Baltimore
Great Mutant SkywheelMake Me A Believer200356Baltimore
51 PegStrange Appointments200057 (cannot currently find)Baltimore
51 PegESC/CTRL200458Baltimore
51 PegA\Void201859 (reserved for this)Baltimore
VariousCharm City Sampler201260Baltimore
Ballyhoo!Pineapple Grenade!!201361Baltimore
Signal 13Destination Unknown202062Baltimore
Our Lady PeaceNaveed199463Canadian/Favorites
Our Lady PeaceClumsy199764Canadian/Favorites
Our Lady PeaceHappiness...Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch199965Canadian/Favorites
Counting CrowsAugust And Everything After199375Favorites
Counting CrowsRecovering The Satellites199676Favorites
Counting CrowsAcross A Wire (VH1 Storytellers)199877Favorites
Counting CrowsThis Desert Life199978Favorites
Counting CrowsHard Candy200279Favorites
Counting CrowsSaturday Nights & Sunday Mornings200880Favorites
Counting CrowsUnderwater Sunshine (Or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation)201281Favorites
Meat LoafBat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell82Classic
Pink FloydThe Division Bell199483Classic
VariousWoodstock 94 (Disc 1)199484Alternative
VariousWoodstock 94 (Disc 2)199485Alternative
MC LarsThe Graduate200686Alternative
Red Hot Chili PeppersBlood Sugar Sex Magik199187Alternative
Reel Big FishTurn The Radio Off199689Alternative
VariousMash It Up Volume 490Alternative
IncubusMake Yourself92Alternative
Sub Pop RecordsSP 20201093Alternative / Live
Pearl JamTen Redux1991/200994Alternative
NirvanaWith The Lights Out (Disc One)200495Alternative
NirvanaWith The Lights Out (Disc Two)200496Alternative
NirvanaWith The Lights Out (Disc Three)200497Alternative
Alice In ChainsDirt199298Alternative
Alice In ChainsUnplugged199699Alternative
Shamen, TheEn-Tact1991100Dance
Shamen, TheBoss Drum1992101Dance
KLF, TheThe White Room1991102Dance
C&C Music FactorySuper Hits2000103Dance
VariousBack To The Old Skool Disc One2001104Dance
VariousBack To The Old Skool Disc Two2001105Dance
VariousBack To The Old Skool 2 Disc One2001106Dance
VariousBack To The Old Skool 2 Disc Two2001107Dance
VariousBack To The Old Skool Ibiza Disc One2002108Dance
VariousBack To The Old Skool Ibiza Disc Two2002109Dance
VariousHip Hop Twenty Four Seven CD12001110Dance/Hip-Hop
VariousHip Hop Twenty Four Seven CD22001111Dance/Hip-Hop
VariousHip Hop Twenty Four Seven CD32001112Dance/Hip-Hop
VariousDaisy Age, The2019113Hip-Hop
VariousJock Jams Volume 31997114Dance/Hip-Hop
Various100% Pure Dance115Dance
VariousPerfect Beat April 19981998116 (removed because changer was getting stuck)Dance
VariousPerfect Beat August 19981998117 (removed because changer was getting stuck)Dance
VariousPerfect Beat September 19981998118Dance
VariousPerfect Beat October 19981998119Dance
VariousPure Dance 19981998120Dance
VariousUltimate Dance Party 20002000121Dance
VariousPure Dance 2000? (Disc One)2000122Dance
VariousPure Dance 2000? (Disc Two)2000123 (removed due to skipping)Dance
DJ EscapeParty Time 2001 (Disc One)2000124Dance
DJ EscapeParty Time 2001 (Disc Two)2000125Dance
DJ EscapeParty Time 2002 (Disc One)2001126Dance
DJ EscapeParty Time 2002 (Disc Two)2001127Dance
VariousClubber's Guide To Ibiza 2002 (Disc 1)2002128Dance
VariousClubber's Guide to 2002 (Disc 2)2002129Dance
VariousThe Annual 2005 (CD One)2004130Dance
VariousThe Annual 2005 (CD Two)2004131Dance
VariousThe Annual 2006 (CD One)2005132Dance
VariousThe Annual 2006 (CD Two)2005133Dance
DJ IBS (Feat. Scooter)Ravin' To...134Dance
AquaAquarium1 (PD-F1007)Dance
CirrusDrop The Break1997136Dance
CirrusBack On A Mission1998137Dance
Chemical Brothers, TheSingles 93 -03 Disc One2003139Dance
Chemical Brothers, TheSingles 93 - 03 Bonus Disc2003140Dance
Prodigy, TheMusic For The Jilted Generation1995141 (removed due to skipping)Electronic Metal
God Lives UnderwaterEmpty142 (removed due to skipping)Electronic Metal
God Lives UnderwaterUp Off The Floor143 (removed due to skipping)Electronic Metal
OverseerWreckage2003144Electronic Metal
PitchshifterPitchshifter145 (removed because it gets stuck at the end)Electronic Metal
Nine Inch NailsThe Downward Spiral1994146Electronic Metal
Nine Inch NailsFurther Down The Spiral1995147Electronic Metal
MetallicaRide The Lightning1984148Metal
Killswitch EngageAlive Or Just Breathing2002149Metal
Killswitch EngageThe End Of Heartache2004150Metal
SalivaEvery Six Seconds2001151Metal/Hard Rock
InjectedBurn It Black2002152Metal/Hard Rock
JerkWhen Pure Is Defiled153Metal/Hard Rock
OctaneRise Up2006154Metal/Hard Rock
From ZeroOne Nation Under2001155Metal/Hard Rock
SystematicSomewhere In Between2001156Rap Metal
(hed) Planet EarthBroke157Metal/Hard Rock
FlawThrough The Eyes2001158Metal/Hard Rock
EndoEvolve2001159Metal/Hard Rock
FlybangerHeadtrip To Nowhere2001160Metal/Hard Rock
ToolUndertow1993161Metal/Hard Rock
ToolAEnima1996162Metal/Hard Rock
Love Inc.Love Inc.1998164Canadian/Favorites
Love Inc.Into The Night2000165Canadian/Favorites
Boomtang BoysGreatest Hits Volume One1999166 (reserved for this)Canadian/Favorites
ProzzakHot Show1998168Canadian
SkyPiece Of Paradise1998169Canadian
Tea Party, TheTransmission1997171Canadian
EdwinAnother Spin Around The Sun1999172Canadian
Tubefreeks, TheBest Of The 90s174Baltimore
Tubefreeks, TheComplex Disorders175Baltimore
Tubefreeks, TheThe Dry Tide176Baltimore
Woody Lisseur177Baltimore
Matt PlessTumbleweed2015178Baltimore
Tool ShedLocal Liquid Folk Art2017179Baltimore
Craig's CD...when it's done180Baltimore
Mint RoyaleOn The Ropes1999182Pop
Mint RoyaleDance Hall Places2002183Pop
Mint RoyaleSee You In The Morning2005184Pop
VariousLive @ The World Cafe Volume 8185Live
VariousZone Sessions Volume One186Live
VariousBootleg Live On-Air1999187Live
VariousSchool House Rock! Rocks1996188Soundtrack
VariousX-Files, The: Songs In The Key Of X1996189Soundtrack/Eerie
VariousX-Files: The Album1998190Soundtrack/Eerie
Nick Cave And The Bad SeedsMurder Ballads1995191Eerie
VariousJudgement Night1993192Soundtrack
VariousThe Crow193Soundtrack
VariousTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles1990194Soundtrack
VariousDazed and Confused1993195Soundtrack
VariousRocky Horror Picture Show, The1975/1989197Soundtrack
VariousWuthering Heights2003198Soundtrack
VariousEcomium: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin200Classic
VariousTrance Files CD File 12002202Dance
VariousTrance Files CD File 22002203Dance
VariousTrance Files CD File 32002204Dance
VariousTrance Files CD File 42002205Dance
VariousTrance Anthems 2 CD One2001206Dance
VariousTrance Anthems 2 CD Two2001207Dance
VariousHigher State Of Trance CD One Level 12001208Dance
VariousHigher State Of Trance CD Two Level 22001209Dance
VariousHigher State Of Trance CD Three Level 32001210Dance
VariousClub Anthems CD One2001211Dance
VariousClub Anthems CD Two2001212Dance
VariousBassdrive America's Finest Drum & Bass Vol. 12002213Dance
VariousBack To The Old Skool Drum N Bass Disc One2002214Dance
VariousBack To The Old Skool Drum N Bass Disc Two2002215Dance
VariousSeventy Dubstep Electronic Essentials CD12012216Dance
VariousSeventy Dubstep Electronic Essentials CD22012217Dance
VariousSeventy Dubstep Electronic Essentials CD32012218 (damaged)Dance
VariousSeventy Dubstep Electronic Essentials CD42012219Dance
Atomic KittenFeels So Good2002220Pop
B*WitchedAwake And Breathe1999221Pop
Gravity KillsGravity Kills222Electronic Metal
Stabbing WestwardWither Blister Burn & Peel1996223Electronic Metal
Paul WilliamsEmmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas1977/2018225XMAS
Herb Alpbert And The Tijuana BrassChristmas Album226XMAS
Five Days InThe Happy Christmas EP2019227XMAS
VariousSeason's Gratings From The Cramps' Vinyl Basement2019228XMAS
VariousThe Motown Box (CD 1: Baby I Need Your Loving)2005232Oldies
VariousThe Motown Box (CD 2: Dancing In The Streets)2005233Oldies
VariousThe Motown Box (CD 3: Reflections)2005234Oldies
VariousThe Motown Box (CD 4: B-Sides And Rare Stuff)2005235Oldies
VariousSoulsville U.S.A.: A Celebration Of Stax (CD 1)2017236Oldies
VariousSoulsville U.S.A.: A Celebration Of Stax (CD 2)2017237Oldies
VariousSoulsville U.S.A.: A Celebration Of Stax (CD 3)2017238Oldies
Days Of The NewDays Of The New1997245Favorites
AerosmithGet A Grip1993247Favorites
AerosmithNine Lives1997248Favorites
Def LeppardRetro Active1992/1993249Favorites
Bon JoviCross Road1994250Favorites
Collective SoulHints Allegations & Things Left Unsaid1993254Favorites
Green DayDookie1994255Favorites
PennywiseLand Of The Free?2001256Favorites
CrackerKerosene Hat1993259Favorites
BeckMellow Gold1994260Favorites
Spin DoctorsPocket Full Of Kryptonite1991261Favorites
Spin DoctorsTurn It Upside Down1994262Favorites
Ben Folds FiveWhatever And Ever Amen1997263Favorites
Blind MelonBlind Melon1992264Favorites
SublimeSecond-hand Smoke1996265Favorites
Crash Test DummiesGod Shuffled His Feet1993266Favorites
Regency BuckIncoming2001267Favorites
Mr. Hudson & The LibraryA Tale Of Two Cities2000268Favorites
Electric SixZodiac2010270Favorites
Electric Six?271Favorites
Mike DoughtyHaughty Melodic2003273Favorites
Verve Pipe, TheVillains1997274Favorites
Kenny Wayne Shepherd BandTrouble Is1997275Favorites
Norah JonesCome Away With Me2002281Chill
Norah JonesFeels Like Home2007282Chill
Norah JonesThe Fall2009283Chill
Toad The Wet SprocketDulcinea1994284Chill
Fruit BatsMouthfuls2003287Chill
Ray CharlesGenius Loves Company2004288Chill
AirPocket Symphony2007289Chill
Various ArtistsUltra. Chilled 02.1290Chill
Various ArtistsUltra. Chilled 02.2291Chill
Various Artists@home @sunset292Chill
Various ArtistsThe Chillout Session Ibiza 2002 Disc One2002293Chill
Various ArtistsThe Chillout Session Ibiza 2002 Disc Two2002294Chill
Four80EastRound 32002295Chill
Art Of TrancePlatipus Beginner's Guild Chillout Mix2001296Chill
Porcupine TreeVoyage 34297Chill
Loreena McKennittNights From The Alhambra CD One298Chill
Loreena McKennittNights From The Alhambra CD Two299Chill
Richard CheeseApertif For Destruction2005300Comedy

You can hear these CDs in rotation regularly on HiFi Side 1